How to View WordPress Blog Trackback URL

If you want to know trackback url of your wordpress blog article, you can do as follow:

Step 1: Login into your wordpress blog dashboard

You should login into your wordpress so that you can set some functions and edit your wordpress theme.

Step 2: Set your wordpress to allow trackback

You shoud allow link notifications from other blogs in your wordpress blog.

Step 3: Edit your theme page

Click Appearance >Editor to open theme edit page.

Step 4: Click Single Post

Click Single Post to start edit theme single page.

Step 5: Add <?php trackback_url();?> in this page

You can add below code in this file.

<p>Trackback URL <?php trackback_url(); ?></p>

After you have added, you can save this file.

Step 6: View one post

You can click to view one post, then you can view trackback url of this article.