How to Know Whether a Blog is WordPress

If you want to know one blog program is wordpress or not, you can do like this.

Step 1: Copy one post url of this blog into address bar of browser

You can copy one post url of this blog, for example ‘’ into your address bar of chrome browser, then press Enter key to open this page.

Step 2: View html source code of this page

Once you browser has opened this page, you can look the html source code of this page, you can know this blog is wordpress or not by it.

Step 3: Analysis html source code

By viewing html source code, if you view these features below, you can judge this blog is powered by wordpress, otherwise it is not.

These feature are:

(1)<meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 3.5.1″ />


(3)powered by <a href=”” title=”WordPress”>WordPress</a>


Tips and Warnings:

Three features listed above  are features of some blogs powered by wordpress, however, not all blogs can meet all feathers in one single page, feather one and feature there are usually removed in some wordpress themes, however, feather two appears in most of bogs powered by wordpress, which is usually steady feature, you can use it in some programs.