How to Install WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugins are very important of features of wordpress, which enrich functions of wordpress. Right now it is hard to think thing:do not use any plugins in a wordpress system.However, if you are a starter of wordpress and do not know how to install plugins, i think this article will help you.

Step 1: Login into your blog dashboard and find menu of Plugins.

Then click Add New.

Step 2: Search or Upload plugin file to install

You can search some plugins in search box, which means you have to know name  or keywords of plugins.I you do not know you have to search some in google.

Meanwhile if you have some plugin file, you also can upload it to install. you can click upload to realize it.

Tips and Warnings:

(1) When you plan to install some plugins, you should notice the version of plugins are adjust to your wordpress version.

(2)If you want to upload plugin file to install, you should make your plugin file called “**.zip”, meanwhile, all files not be in one folder. For example, if you plan to install a plugin called by uploading style, you should make sure two things :

a.This file is zip file zip file, you can see all files, but not> test>all files.

(3)After you have installed plugins, you should active them to make them work.